Site Hydrology

Please include the following information on your site:

  1. Maximum desired Coanda weir length
  2. Penstock or withdrawal flow (m^3/s, l/s, ft^3/s or gpm)
  3. Maximum operating water level (above weir)
  4. Design flood level (above weir)
  1. Remember if you are in the planning phase there will need to be bypass gates and a stilling chamber as well as wing walls and the intake itself.
  2. How much water are you diverting from the river  Will this amount increase in the future.
  3. How deep above the crest of the weir will the water normally get to? This figure could be the 1 in 10 year return flow for a hydroelectric plant. This depends on how critical it is to have water flow through the screens. For example a municipal intake has a higher need for water at very high flows than a power plant
  4. This is the worst case scenario and it determines the structural load the Coanda intake is designed for